Two days before Christmas

Last weekend, I was in Panic Mode. Now, I am more relaxed. Things in my to-do list are slowly being eliminated.

I got Vic a gift last Sunday. I am glad that TriNoMa was open till midnight. He passed by the store while I was paying for his gift. Luckily, he didn't enter the shop. I was rushing the cashier to give me the merchandise before he sees me. As he was walking to the other side of the store, I quickly made my exit through the other door. That was a close call =P

My FIL's gift is ready for pick up. I got him a print from Gallery 7. I hope he likes it. Well, he likes everything with his face on it. I was afraid that it wouldn't make it since I approved the design just last night. Every year, I have a hard time looking for Christmas present for him. What do you give to someone who has everything already?

There are still two people to buy gifts for. There are still lots of gifts to wrap.

My cakes are cooling and waiting to be frosted. I need to finish this before I leave in two hours.

I still need to get Christmas clothes for the boys.

Deadma muna yun Dec 27 wedding and HK trip.

I still have time.


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