Javi at 3 weeks

This is Javi, the latest addition to our small family. At this stage, we are still getting to know each other. He is quite familiar with my voice and Kuya Johann's screams. We are quite familiar with the sound of his cries and the scent of his f@rt =P

Like most newborns, he still sleeps most of the day. He just chooses to wake up when every one is fast asleep or is about to sleep. He is quite colicky. As you can see, he has grown a second chin. He likes to carried and swayed to sleep.

Though Johann was just like Javi a year ago, I feel like I'd have to adjust to being a mom again. I still haven't mastered soothing him whenever he is in his crying fits. I'd have to get used to sleepless nights once again. I am back to my wash-and-wear hair-do. I'd have to double-check if I am dripping every once in a while.

I am amazed that, at this time, he already rolled over from lying on his tummy to his back. He has also smiled at me several times. Javi is already exhibiting milestones for older babies. He is quite alert for his age.

They say that Javi looks more like his dad. Though I do not see Vic, I know for sure that he doesn't resemble me.

In a week's time, we are having him baptized. We will be presenting him to his Maker and to the rest of the clan. More pictures to come....


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