I became a member...

... of S&R yesterday. The main objective of my visit was to get candy canes for Javi's baptismal centerpieces. Somebody from the Newlywed group suggested that I can find green canes at S&R.

Instead of going all the way to The Fort, I went to the Congressional branch instead. Upon arriving, I inquired about the membership. I am torn between getting the Day Pass or the Gold Membership. The Day Pass holder would be charged an additional 5%. Becoming a member for P700 will entitle the holder free membership to all S&R branches. The CSR suggested that I check out the place first to see if I'm interested in purchasing a lot. That would, at least, help me decide if I wanted to become a member.

So, I went around. I saw a lot of great stuff. Some expensive, some really reasonably-priced. I was convinced. Besides, I wanted a reason to frequent the place. I miss shopping at Costco. S&R is a good alternative.

After going through each aisle, I've seen nice gift items for the people in my list. I got several frames, sets of flatware, a box of beer mugs and candle-holders. They even sell genuine (read: live) pine trees for a little over 3Thou. There were also several Aveeno items in the shelves. I made a mental note to check the place out whenever we run out of baby soap. However, the main purpose of my visit was nowhere to be found. I asked around and they said it was already out-of-stock. Apparently, they spoke without looking. I found what I was looking for by the cashier counters. They don't have the green ones. I just got the chocolate kind instead. That would have to do.


As they were scanning the boxes of candy canes, it reflected the price P124 for box. The signage said P99. I immediately inquired about the discrepancy. The supervisor said that the price has changed. I stood my ground. Seeing that I am not relenting, she bypassed the system. I didn't know they could do that! Needless to say, I got the canes for P99 per box.

Mood: satisfied


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