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I must hear "Mama" about a hundred times a day.  Come to think of it, that is a conservative estimate.  I have four kids, so that would give them a daily average of 25 per day.  They could easily hit their daily quota in the morning. 

But, kidding aside, sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to be called "Mama". 

When all four kids want to tell you about their day, at the same time, I forget.
When they all want a snack, at the same time, I forget.
When I am busy doing something, trying to be invisible, I forget.
When all four kids are sick, I forget.
When I am busy trying to measure my baking ingredients, I forget.
When I see a messy house, school supplies strewn all over the floor, unfinished meals and non-stop bickering, oh,  I REALLY forget.

However, when I see an ungroomed child entering the classroom, I am grateful that I am capable of caring for my children.
When I get my daily supply of hugs, I am grateful.
When I hear an occasional "Thank you," I fee…

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