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Baguio Thrift Shopping

You know I meant Ukay Ukay shopping.  But, I feel so "alta," because I scored several nice pieces.

On our first free day, I went to this ukay ukay joint in Baguio with my mother.  I really had no intention of getting anything. In fact, I told my husband that I was just going to accompany Mama. I only had P2000 with me.
Deep inside, I was dragging myself to go ukay ukay shopping.  I can score brand new cheap items from H&M and Uniqlo.  So, why bother?
That mindset changed when I saw authentic Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and Dior shoes.  Unfortunately, they weren't my size.  They didn't carry those interesting brands in my size.  But with that fire of interest in me, I went to the other stalls seeing if there is anything worth buying.
There definitely is.  Presenting to you my ukay haul....

After careful examination, I therefore conclude that this Phantom is the real thing.  It feels genuine and it looks like one too. I am no bag expert but I know bags. I was comparin…

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