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Year End Report

I was going through the events of 2017 in my mind.   I realized that what I have now is exactly what I prayed for.  It was a difficult exercise, a tad upsetting too.  It is not exactly what I expected it to be, but it seems that my prayers have been answered.  I had my own share of joys and disappointments. However, we've been extremely blessed that 2017 seemed easier compared to previous years.

Here are some of 2017's highlights: 

Javi's first communion

Bettina's 7th birthday

... the unexpected passing of my sister-in-law, my father's 65th birthday, the opening of our food business and Vic's fish pond acquisition. 

Christmas is more meaningful this year.  Despite all the blessings, I realized that there are still so many people hurting during this most celebrated season.  Because the celebration is simpler, less busy and a bit painful this year, Jesus felt more alive in our hearts. 

I do hope you had some quiet time to find the meaning of Christmas this year.�…

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