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Capizfornia is our code name for our 2018 vacation.  My husband and I coined this term because we decided to keep the details of our vacation a secret.

In the beginning of the year, my kids have been pestering me to go to the US.  Because it wasn't planned, my husband and I would give vague answers.  March came and plans for our trip firmed up. 

In the days leading to our departure, we'd forget about our big secret and cover it up with our plans for visiting Capiz instead.  Capiz is where our fish pond is located.  The kids dreaded the trip to Capiz knowing how bored they'd be.  We told them that there'll be endless days at the beach and lots of time fishing at the pond.  We even conspired with the grandparents and other relatives to NOT divulge the big secret.

Only my eldest caught on. He wasn't sure but he kept quiet. Javi hinted that Capiz was just a code name, but couldn't figure it out.

The rest would question why we had to bring a car seat, a stroller, fi…

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