Christmas 2008

Christmas day is almost over. Next thing we know, we're bidding 2008 farewell.

Christmas Eve was spent with both sides of the family. We had two Noche Buena feasts. Our first was with the Endrigas. As usual, we had enough food to last us for days. I particularly feasted on Emerald's Pata Tim and Cuapao. I was too full to enjoy our second Noche Buena so I just nibbled on some nachos, a slice of ham and some leche flan. Johann ate three versions of his favorite (spaghetti) at three different meal times.

Dec 24 was quite long for the kids. Though this is our second baby's first Christmas, Javi's gifts are not open yet. We didn't have the energy to open everything for him. He was already uncooperative at around 1130pm, so we decided to go to our own home. He slept for 5 hours straight for the first time. I am quite happy for that since I got to sleep longer.

As for the older boy, Johann enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper off. He didn't know which toy he should play with first. I am not sure if he enjoyed his toys as much as he enjoyed unwrapping his gifts. Johann was exhausted also. He was so cranky when we woke him up for our early (7AM) Christmas breakfast at Circles.

He slept through the ride to Makati and through breakfast. That made Vic and me happy too because we got to eat breakfast with not much interruption. We both loved the smoked salmon with dill sauce. I am satisfied with the quiche and the selection of cheeses, breads and cold cuts. Johann woke up as I was finishing up. I would have loved to try out the Pinoy breakfast, but I had to feed the boy. He had congee, bread and some fruit juice.

Christmas day breakfast at Circles has always been a tradition ever since I joined Vic's family. After the heavy meal, we would rush to the church for the mass. This year, we were joined by Tito Rae and Tita Ging. After mass, we usually hop on two other houses to greet the Belmonte and Lopez families.

This year, we skipped going to the Lopezes. We HAD to go back home so Johann can be washed up. Besides, we were dizzy with lack of sleep. After a couple of hours of sleep, I was up and about again to bake a cake for the Cadano reunion in Marikina.

The Cadano reunion was held in honor of Tita Maurita and Tito Georging's fiancee, Lisa. Of course, we had food, booze and karaoke. Needless to say, the Carrot Cake from Cathy's Kitchen was BENTA. We left the gathering just before the rain fell. Whew!


Service at Circles was terrible that day. I guess they couldn't cope with the number of guests that day. We almost missed our mass because it took them forever to give us our bill and our car passes.


Christmas is really a day for the kids. As a parent, it doesn't matter if I get to open a gift. As an adult, I no longer receive exciting gifts. I appreciate cash gifts more.

Speaking of cash, my boys are quite rich this season. I had to make a list of "Santas" to thank before I went to bed that night. If only these "Santas" were as generous to parents....

Our Christmas was hectic though merry. We are well-loved kasi, hehe. I hope your Christmas was full of love too.


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