Closet Clean-up

We acquire so many things in our lifetime. Most of which are found in our closet. Not only do women have to keep our wardrobe up-to-date, we'd have to secure items for child-bearing and nursing. I am quite thankful that those living in Manila do not have four seasons to contend with.

As I was going through my stuff, I have made piles of what needs to be given away, kept for future use and what may be brought back to the world. Thanks to breast-feeding, I am slowly going back to my pre-pregnancy size. There were some realizations along the way:

...I used to fit into size 8 bottoms or Medium tops.
...It is time to organize another ACS garage sale.
...I am making room for future purchases.
...I am relieved that my shoes are kept in a separate closet.
...I really need to get a closet organizer to fit more items.

What was most striking about this process was seeing the watch box that I buried underneath the pile. I have forgotten about it. That was exactly my purpose of burying it there. I still kept it inside its original paper bag, with all the proofs of purchase. That piece was the first expensive thing we had to pay in installment.

Seeing the box reminded me that I'd have to be more careful with my items. I shouldn't leave things accessible to people I can't trust. Furthermore, it symbolizes something valuable that was taken from me but was replaced by something more precious. The watch was stolen on the day I gave birth to Johann.

Truth be told, even memories can be unearthed from the least, from my closet.


Hi sis, where you the one who posted the question about candy cane on n@wie? :) I sure remember that question. Glad you found your answer. Sulit ba mag member sa S&R?
CathyCE said…
Yep, I was the one.

Sulit siya if you are getting a lot of items. Kasi, if you are not a member, you'd end up paying an additional 5%. Pero if that 5% is around 700 na, might as well pay the membership. Ako kasi, I am definitely going back for the Aveeno products. I always have a hard time looking for my kids' bath soap. At least dun, cheaper yun Aveeno.

Check out the items first before deciding if you'll get a membership.

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