That was how my day went.

Frustration Factor: Interconnection to the Smart Mobile Eye

I was excited to try out this little device. Before breakfast, I activated the SIM that came with the device. All I need is another phone and a Smart card that can make the video call. Or so I thought....

The Smart Wireless Center didn't have any prepaid phone kits available. I opted to get a prepaid SIM and top up card instead. Apparently, they do not have the top up card in the denomination I want. I waited nearly an hour for nothing. Aaarrrgghh!

The Mobile Eye unit is fully charged. Both SIM cards are active and loaded with credits. 3G signal strength is sufficient. I switched SIMs just to check if they're both active and working. I still can't make a successful test call. Arrggh!

Frustration Factor: The Hyperactive Toddler

Vic decided to WFH (work-from-home) today. This seemed to excite the little boy. I think he missed playing with his dad, who was almost always asleep. Vic has been trying to catch up on sleep he missed when he was vacationing in SNG.

Johann jumped on the bed at every chance he got. He kept using the latest addition to his vocabulary, "Ayaw." It didn't help that he knows when to cry to get want he wants. I think the Terrible Twos stage is setting in early.

After several bumps in the head, numerous reprimands and a couple of bottles of milk, Vic finally got him to sleep at 11:30 PM.

Frustration Factor: The Nanny

I may have held on to Johann's yaya for too long. She is becoming a major pain in the neck. Besides forgetting my reminders, she's becoming too lazy and stubborn. I am getting tired of seeing her unsmiling face everyday. I also figured that she is starting to lose patience with my toddler. This is the reason why I wanted the Mobile Eye activated ASAP!

Just this evening, she put Johann to sleep immediately after feeding and bathing him. She gave him his bottle even if he hasn't fully digested his meal. We ended up drenched in puke.

She was tasked to clean him up. She did so without washing him with soap! Juskoduday, talk about shortcuts. She must be in a hurry to watch her telenovela.

I hope to God that tomorrow will be better. It is not so easy to hold on to your patience if your hormones are making you feel achy all-over.


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