Unemployment in the Philippines

I get irritated when I hear that the Philippines has a high unemployment rate.  It is true, there aren't much high-paying jobs available for those who are qualified.  But, there are enough jobs to help out those living below the poverty line.  Just check out how many opportunities are there at POEA.

Several times, I've been stood up by applicants who said they will show up for an interview.  Several times, I've offered training opportunities but trainees are too preoccupied with other stuff to complete their training course.  Several times, I've offered jobs to people who, after a short time on the job, have decided to quit because it was "too difficult."

Well, Dear, nothing in life is easy.  Even getting a ride to work is difficult.  Besides, it is all in the mind.  With no perseverance, patience, hard-work and resilience, you will never get beyond what you have now.  Without the proper attitude, one will never be equipped to handle greater things.  We know that with greater things, come greater responsibility... and greater pay.

So when we speak of unemployment, is it really because of lack of opportunity? Or, is it because they choose NOT to work?


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