A Guide To Kidzania

When I took my kids to Kidzania in BGC there were only 2 things I knew.  (1)  It is a great place for kids to do pretend play.  (2)  It is less expensive if we go on a weekday.  Apart from that, I knew nothing.

To access the facility, you must "check-in" at the Cebu Pacific Desk.  They will hand you your boarding passes that will serve as your entrance tickets.  Each child will be given checks for 50 Kidzos, the currency used inside the facility.

Upon entering the main area, look for the bank, operated by BPI.  Have the checks changed to the local currency.  This money will be used to pay for the training facilities.  With the initial amount, a child can enjoy 3 activities. Most activities require participants to pay 15 Kidzos.

In case you run out of money, your child can earn them by "working" for the utility companies.  The kids will earn money depending on the complexity of the task.

I am not sure if you can bring in food.  But, we were able to slip in bottles of water.  Expect that food is more expensive inside.  A variety of food choices from Purefoods, Goldilocks, McDonalds are available for purchase.  However, you can ask your child to undergo a training in McD for a free burger.  There is a Purefoods assembly line and a Coca Cola bottling machine available on site.  I am not sure if they give out freebies too.

If your children are big enough to roam around by themselves, a waiting lounge for adults may be found at the second floor. Just walk past the Cebu Pac simulator.   Adults may charge their gadgets and surf the Internet using the provided laptops.  Coffee is available from McCafe.  This lounge is off limits to kids.

Most of the activities range from 15 to 30 minutes.  Each activity can accommodate 6 people per session. Only a few can accommodate more than 6.  So be prepared to wait.  It is unfortunate that activities begin at the same time.  If you find your kids lining up in one activity, transferring to another activity will not give them a better chance of getting into another one sooner.  They will most likely line up again, unless there is no current session taking place.  Lines were specially long for the Fire station and Hospital / E.R.

Passport are available for purchase at the entrance. The only benefit I see in getting one is that passport holders pay less when attending training sessions.

Field trips.  If you go on a weekday, there is a possibility that you are sharing the facility with hundreds of kids and their companions.  I am not sure if coming on a weekend would mean less time waiting.

Shifting.  Kidzania has implemented two shifts:  morning till 2PM and 3PM till closing time.  Each shift will end with a parade from the Talent Center.  If you consider the waiting time in between activities, you will most likely enjoy 3-4 activities per visit.

My children were able do the Driver's traning by A1, race track driving at Shell, McDonald's kitchen training, Pilot and Crew training at Cebu Pacific, a 1:1 Pit-stop training and an E.R. training session.  There were lots of other stations we wanted to try out but there wasn't enough time.  Be prepared to be coerced into coming back so your children can try out the other activities.

Lastly, if you find yourself with extra Kidzos, you may keep them for your next visit, or you may deposit them at the bank.  Just don't forget to get an ATM when you do.

Maps, ticket prices and schedules may be found at their website.


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