Crazy Days

Lately, I've been feeling more tired, more impatient, and more irritable than usual.  I haven't had a decent restful weekend since July.  It seems like it's going to be that way till early January.  Oh dear, I really need a break.

Historically, I've been feeling burned out by the time August hits.  I remember that I usually hint of a getaway this time of year.  Exams, Asthma attacks, frequent trips to the hospital, rains and flood adding to the usual daily stresses, take a toll on me.

I realize that I still need to teach my children how to be more responsible.  Little steps such as preparing what they need for the next day and determining lunch food will minimize my daily stress.

At this time, I just want to stay away from everyone, read a book and not worry about a thing.

I am turning into a Mama Monster.  Thank God, my children still remain sweet and affectionate despite the attitude.


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