On Letting Go

It was a sad week for friends and relatives.  A friend's father passed on and a 6 year old distant relative didn't recover from heart surgery.

T lost her mom to pancreatic cancer not more than 4 months ago.  I was just telling her how impressed I was about her strength.  Then, the news about her father's passing on just surprised us. Someone remarked that, maybe, he just wants to be with his wife.

At first, I couldn't believe that someone can die from loneliness or heart-break.  But, I must have known four cases wherein the spouses pass on soon after their loved ones go.  Sinundan talaga, hanggang kamatayan.

I am in awe of their bond.  But, love, as strong as theirs, transcends death.


The news about a 6-year-old niece passing on is devastating. I did not know her personally but I was in tears the moment I heard about it. She underwent surgery to correct a congenital heart problem. She survived the surgery but didn't recover from it.

I, too, have a six year old daughter, so this is very close to my heart.  I could barely imagine how to prepare her for such a life-threatening procedure.  I couldn't imagine how you prepare a child for death.  How do you teach the child's siblings to move on, when you are struggling too?

I have so many questions.  No answer seems adequate.

When all is done, there is only peace, comfort and love.

That is the beauty of letting go.


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