Birthday Celebrations 2016

Vic's birthday and mine are a month apart. We rarely hold parties for ourselves. It's usually a special dinner with the kids and a big meal shared with our extended families. 

However, I plan to make it a tradition to travel to celebrate our birthdays. Last year was Tokyo. This year, we decided to go to Hong Kong. We missed the place. 

This year we decided to go about it differently. We didn't stay in our usual Marco Polo hotel. We explored parts of the city that aren't  familiar to us. 

Hotel Pravo

I like this hotel because it is in the center of TST. It is 2 blocks away from Harbour City  and 2 blocks away from Nathan Rd. It is surrounded by small restaurants that locals frequent. It is also quite accessible by MTR. TST and East TST MTR lines are just a block away. 

The interiors are very modern. You'll be greeted by a dark reception area and hallways. However, the rooms are well-lighted despite the black and white interiors. 

The room we were given has a separate living room. 

Toiletries are from a luxury label though I find the scent too strong. 

Our reservation also came with a free local smart phone. Unfortunately, the Internet couldn't be shared. 

What I like best about the place is the free mini-bar. Drinks are refilled everyday. We bring them out with us so we never had to purchase drinks to go with our meals. 

I would have wanted the bathroom to have more hooks. There was only one towel bar to accommodate our towels and clothes. The sink was too cramped for our own toiletries and hand towels. 

Causeway Bay

It was my first time to visit this place. We spent our morning in Ikea. We came out satisfied with our loot and morning snacks. Shopped some more at H&M. We hung out at the Flagship Apple store to rest our tired feet. 


We visited Mongkok in the past. I was only familiar with the Ladies' market and the usual HK stores.  However, due to my father's request, we ventured into a building dedicated to Hi-Fi audio equipment. I never knew about these kinds of stores in the past. 

Food Republic at Silvercord

A trip to HK is not complete without a visit at Silvercord.  During the lunch hour till early afternoon, we find it hard to get seats for a big group of travellers.  However, my husband and I discovered that the place is practically deserted in the evening.

Delicious Kitchen

A five-minute walk from Hotel Pravo is a popular local joint called Delicious Kitchen.  It is known for its double pork rib.  To my Filipino palate, it tastes like a breaded version of our tocino.  It is sweet and crunchy, with a little bit of 5-spice powder.  Serving size is good enough for two.  Try it out during your next visit.

Now, I know what they meant.  You truly discover something new every time you visit Hong Kong.  


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