Baguio - Part 2

If you haven't gone to Baguio in ages (like me) and has to re-acquaint yourself with Baguio, here are some tips:

1.  Parking is always difficult in the city.  Park your car at Burnham Park.  Give your kids time to bike and ride the boat.  This also the best time to visit the local market for fresh produce and other Baguio products.

2.  SM Baguio is still THE tambayan.  It is incredibly crowded on weekends.  Avoid if possible.

3.  When you visit Wright Park and the Mansion, you will be asked to taste Sagada oranges.  They're quite sweet and seedless.  Don't be duped into buying.  The vendors mark it up by 100%.  It is still best to purchase them in the market.  I learned my lesson the expensive way.

4.  If your feet are tired from walking up and down the slopes, have a foot massage at Bellfrei Spa at the Techno Hub.  The massage and the view make the experience so relaxing.

5.  Skip Choco-Late. Spend your money somewhere else.  If you are counting your calorie intake, you'd be sad you wasted them on this.  Our bibingka was served burnt.  The Hot Cocoas had a touch of bitterness.  I'm not sure if is supposed to taste that way.  Sorry, but it truly is not recommendable, IMHO.

6.  Bring an ice chest with you for pasalubong items.  Best for longganisa and Ube jams.

7.  If you are shopping for veggies in La Trinidad, park near the main highway.  All roads leading to the wholesalers are packed with delivery trucks. Make sure you have a "kargador."  It is difficult to drag several kilos of veggies to the main road.

8.  Try the strawberry ice cream that is locally made in La Trinidad.  It tastes like Haagen Daaz.  Pwedeng-pwede for P20.

9.  Patronize the local restaurants.  Cafe by the Ruins, O Mai Khan and several new establishments look decent enough.  Just remember tip #5.

10. Breads from Baguio Country Club and Manor's Le Chef are quite good for pasalubong.  So are coffee beans and walis tambo from the market.


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