Every Drop Counts

When we got out of the hospital, Bettina's pediatrician didn't recommend any milk formula like what she did with my two previous kids. I knew then that I'd be forced to purely breastfeed her. All along, I had my mind set on mix-feeding her.

As most of us have heard, breastfeeding comes with a lot benefits for both baby and mom. But, seldom do we read about the inconveniences and pain that come with it.

I didn't know that it was going to hurt every time. When the baby latches and sucks for the first time, there'll will always be pain. However, the pain will eventually go away. I am just not sure if it's because I've grown numb or if the pain is really gone.

Secondly, I'd have to empty out the milk every two to three hours. Otherwise, my chest will grow heavy with milk. This means, I'd have to bring Bettina or my pump wherever I go. It also means that I'd have to limit my time away from home to three hours.

Thirdly, I can not nurse every where I go. It is good that some malls have breastfeeding rooms. I may have to increase the amount of milk I store so I can feed it to Bettina in a bottle when we go out.

On the other hand, breastfeeding is very economical. I am saving P850 per week on milk formula. I only needed to invest on water, a good pump and electricity. I am even saving up on the liquid detergent because we do not have to wash as many bottles as we used to.

I didn't successfully breastfeed my two older kids so this is still new to me. At this time, the most I can draw out from one breast is 3 ounces. As Bettina's demand for milk increases, I have build up my supply also. Yep, every drop counts.


This Baby Tracker application would've been really helpful for a mother whose memory is as rusty as mine. It tells you which side you nursed from and for how long. Unfortunately, I do not own an iPhone (nor do I want one). This is how it looks like

I hope they come up with a version for Macs or Nokia.


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